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When is Divorce a Positive Decision?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I had the opportunity to have Dr. Priscilla Marotta as our guest speaker in our last webinar and she made such a powerful presentation about When is Divorce a Positive Decision. Dr. Marotta is a Clinical Psychologist for 32 years and deals primarily with relationship therapy. According to Dr. Marotta, "the cultural change of the pandemic has many different dimensions and multiple psychological impact, that as we came face to face of the reality of death, the reality of limited time and importance of living each moment with peace and meaningfulness. Many have used these times to evaluate their relationship to see if they are living a life that feels good on the inside rather than merely look good on the outside. The two top reasons for divorce are the lack of nurturing commitment and a large amount of conflict. Divorce can benefit individuals and families when there is an end to toxic conflict and a return to peacefulness. Further, she stressed that divorce is a positive decision when you have done all you can and you move forward to create peace and a nurturing environment where you are valued."

Our next workshop is still being organized, If you are interested in joining us on our next webinar, visit the "free workshop" of this website and submit your name and email address.

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