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The process of mediation in divorce without Attorneys.  Couple resolve all the matters that needs to get settled in their marriage with the help of neutral party, such as the Mediator.

“End Conflict, Start Healing: Divorce, Elder Law and Civil Circuit Mediation.”

Bringing Resolutions for your New Beginnings


To help people find their common
ground in the most amicable way

As a Certified Mediator in Family and Circuit Civil Courts, We assist parties desiring to end their marital relationship in a civil and economic way. We facilitate communication in reaching a mutual agreement in all terms of the dissolution of marriage (divorce), such as equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, if applicable, alimony, child custody, support, and time-sharing.


Our mission is to help you turn the page and start a new leaf. Conflict is a fetter in your feet that prevents you from moving forward. If you are emotionally and mentally ready to move on but just don’t know where to start, reach out and take the next step.


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Feedback & Reviews

We should have come to you right from the beginning, I wish I have known that you can handle the entire process for both of us, instead of spending

$ 75,000 on Attorney's fees  with my ex-wife and I ending up hating each other  before coming to you to finish the process.  My ex-wife and I learned more about the process  during the short period with you and  far less money .  Thank you for the relief of finally seeing this process end."


Image of children crying in the middle of fighting parents.


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