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Shay Manibog, J.D.

The Founder  and Managing Owner of TriDialogue Mediation Inc. Just like many men and women,  Shay was in bad place once in her marriage. She found out that no matter how successful and how smart you are, nobody can prepare you for the mental and emotional stress and anguish that a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) can bring, and to add the legal components to it, getting out seemed to be an insurmountable mountain to climb. In retrospect,  no matter how hard and painful the experience was, there is always a silver lining to it, for her, came a career that she is passionate about, Mediation and Arbitration - to help people find their common ground in the most amicable way - so they can both move on without losing everything that they worked hard for to a very expensive litigation, be it Family, Divorce or any other civil litigation. 


Shay received  her  undergraduate in Business Administration at University of Saint Thomas, Labor Studies at San Diego State University and law degree as a dean’s list at Purdue University. Prior to managing TriDialogue Mediation,  she has enjoyed 18 years of successful career in dispute resolution in a corporate environment particularly in labor/employee relations and workers compensation.  However, it is only when she started assisting people in areas of Family and Elder Law that her career becomes purposeful. 


To the clients of TriDialogue Mediation  that have trusted Shay in their most vulnerable moments, she is honored to have served her purpose in your lives.   And to all our future clients, She look forward to helping you turn the page to your new chapter and know that your hends will be held from the beginning to the end of the process.




Feedback & Reviews

I can never thank you enough for  holding our hands  from the beginning to the end.   Your knowledge of the process and your wisdom has helped me  tremendously."

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I would highly recommend Shay for mediation.  She was  able to handle a very difficult situation and genuinely  make both sides comfortable throughout the process.    She met with us on weekends, after hours and did   whatever was needed to ensure a smooth and   efficient process.  I am very grateful for her efforts
and professionalism."

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We should have come to you right from the beginning, I wish I have known that you can handle the entire process for both of us, instead of spending

$ 75,000 on Attorney's fees  with my ex-wife and I ending up hating each other  before coming to you to finish the process.  My ex-wife and I learned more about the process  during the short period with you and  far less money .  Thank you for the relief of finally seeing this process end."

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Thank you for helping me close the most painful chapter of my life.  I'm looking forward to the future and I'm so thankful to you.  Be well!"

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Words are not enough to express our gratitude in helping us go through the divorce process and all the other  process involved in our settlement agreement.   Thank you.  I will never forget you."

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Good morning Shay. 

I hope all is well with you.  You were my angel sent from God to help me during my divorce.  You are part of my destiny with my journey with my Holy Spirit.  I did attend zoom hearing. 

I am a divorced old lady of 76 yrs.  I am so peaceful.  Again, thank you.  I don’t know you personally but you are in my prayers. "

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J. M.

Thank you for your fast, professional and making this process a bit easier for me."

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Shay Manibog is an amazing, intelligent, compassionate and most importantly, ethical professional. I highly recommend using her services to resolve any conflicts and help guide you through any legal process. She helped me over the course of a year to make correct ethical, decisions and successfully resolve conflict and is someone I will come back to for advice and support when I need it. 10/10 recommend her. Thank you for all you do  Shay!!!"

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Amazing Mediator!  She gives  educated guidance during our divorce and has provided us with the necessary tools to continue in a positive direction.  Shay is well equipped in her profession and you can put your trust in her  guidance throughout the process"

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Shay changed my life with the way she handled my divorce from start to finish."

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Thanks so much for your professionalism and “above” and “beyond” helpfulness." 



For all those times that I lost my focus and have let anxiety took over, thank you for keeping me on track.  I don't know if I  have gone this far without your reassuring 




Thank you for your patience, skills and professionalism throughout the process. "

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" I am more than Humble to have had you as the Driver of our Divorce Journey / process…I am Amazingly impressed with your knowledge, dedication and professionalism. I will be FOREVER THANKFUL! for all your patience, guidance and Dedication to help us find some common grounds. Thank You for all You do! "

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I'm just trying to express my gratitude to have my divorce finally granted. Thank you for all your help, patience  and guidance.  God Bless!"

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"Shay of TriDialogue Mediation was recommended to me by a friend who has nothing but great things to say about the way she handled my friend’s specific situation, and she was right.  For years we have been wanting to go through the process, but we’ve been so intimated by the extensive process and legal fees involved in the process, but Shay made everything so easy for us.  She met with us once and all our documents and Settlement Agreement were prepared for our review within 3 days.  She is very patient and her collected attitude makes me feel calm in the moment of anxiety during the process."


5 stars

Thank you for everything that you do and all the extra time you put in our circumstances."

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Thank you! I feel so much lighter.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.  I was not an easy client, I recognize that.  Thank you for seeing me through to the finish line.

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" Thank you, Shay. You really made this whole process so uncomplicated. "



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